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Adapting to Change

Posted by Chrisie Jennings on

I am writing this on the eve of beginning my vacation-getting excited to spend time in my hometown of Minneapolis, and then continue on to Sweden!  Going to Sweden is a lifetime dream of mine...I even get to stay with my cousin, Bjorn, on my great grandfather's homestead! 

While I am gone, I know great things may be transpiring, i.e. the selection of our new Rector!  I can't wait to come home and find out if the call has been issued, and more importantly, accepted!

On that note, Catherine and I recently attended a Shelby (our church software) conference in Dallas.  I was fortunate to attend an "Adaptive Leadership" class while there.  I thought to myself "adapting to change," let me tell you about change, ha!   Our church is in a position where we have gone through/are going through many changes...first with Stockton retiring, and now with the parting of Fr. Tom and our interim, Fr. Dick in the near future (assuming all goes well with our search for our new Rector).  

Many folks really struggle with change, but, in short, it definitely needs to be something we embrace.  We need to embrace a culture of change as we move forward or we may get stuck in the past and look to "history" for ways to approach things.  I venture to guess if we tackle any areas needing attention by using historical approaches, we know they are probably not the answer (or they would have worked), right? Rather, we need to be open and willing to think outside of the box about solutions, church culture, or even specific programs and missions within our own church!  

We have so many positive aspects of our core DNA at St. Peter's, which are cherished.  My hope for our future is that as individual parishioners, and staff, we will have open minds and hearts, and excitement, as we transverse the unknown, and that we will think as futurists!  Personally, I am excited and I know our parishioners will support our new Rector as we all get to know each other and navigate. Who knows what our roles will be, how our programs will morph, or whatever!  Exciting times....even if/when we face losses of whatever type.  That's part of adapting.

Godspeed!  See you when I get back!


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