Burial Planning Form

Burial Planning Form

Christian burial in the Episcopal Church is a celebration of life, remembering Christ's victory over death. Please consider this form to be a gift- a gift to you to remind you of your own resurrection as you plan the readings and hymns for your service. Please review the burial services in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer as a guide for planning your service. Burial Rite One is on pages 468-489; Rite Two is on 490-505. The Rector of St. Peter's Episcopal Church will be happy to assist you with the form at your convenience.



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Concerning Service*

Old Testament Reading (BCP, p 494)- SELECT ONE*

New Testament Reading (BCP, p 495)- SELECT ONE*

Psalms (BCP, p 585-808)- SELECT ONE*

Holy Gospel- SELECT ONE*


Please note the Family Remebrance will occur at the beginning of the service, just after the Prelude.

Please list the names of Pallbearers, even if honorary only (not present)

Please list any requests for Acolytes, Eucharistic Ministers and/or Lectors, and Ushers. You may also request that St. Peter's choose these individuals.

Concerning the manner of burial*

Concerning my casket

Concerning the vault in which the casket is placed

Concerning my ashes

Columbarium, grave site, or family taking ashes, or other. List.

Indicate if you do not want flowers and/or if you would like memorials made to a particular organization. State the name of the organization(s).

Preferred funeral home

Name and Address

Name and Address

My last Will and Testament, along with other important documents, are in the hands of the indicated person.

I.e. names of children, education and job highlights, etc.

It is preferred that you stop by the office to sign a hard copy of your submitted information, for your file. However, if unable, you understand, when clicking submit, that you are submitting important funeral preferences. Furthermore, you understand that, if possible, your burial rites are to take place at St. Peter's Church at a convenient time when your family and friends may join in the celebration of your resurrection lives in Jesus Christ.