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Cottage Shop Hours


In September of 1967, eight ladies from the St. Peter's Episcopal Church Women's Group held a meeting to discuss the possibility of opening a "thrift resale shop."  The shop was to replace the once-a-year rummage sale and was to be open for sales on day each week.  The shop would accept consignments as well as donations to provide an inventory.


The first day of sales as "The Cottage Shop" was on December 1, 1967 in the Felix Fisher house on St. Peter Street.  In 1983, the shop moved across the street to the old Rectory.  The purpose of the shop was to provide goods to the community at a reasonable price and to provide outreach funds for the community and the world.  In February 1996, the Cottage Shop moved into what is now Shelton Hall, which was the old Sears Catalog Store.

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