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Praise Team Leader

St. Peter's Episcopal Church is seeking to hire a praise team leader.


The praise team leader will be an experienced musician with guitar, and preferably also, keyboard skills,  good singing voice, who is comfortable leading worship in a medium-sized parish.  Ideally, the praise team leader will already be familiar with the theology and liturgy of the Episcopal church, or, if not, willing to work closely with the rector and music director to learn these skills.  The praise team leader will be people-oriented, willing to work with volunteer musicians of all skill levels, and have experience in growing a program to include more participation from parishioners.  The leader's primary focus will be to plan, lead, and provide music that fits the worship of God at St. Peter’s and inspires the parishioners in worship to full musical participation.  This is a part-time position that is primarily on Sundays; there will be a rehearsal at 8:30am followed by the liturgy at 9:15am.  The praise team leader is expected to be there 50 Sundays a year, plus Holy Days as required.


Interested candidates can send a cover letter and resume to the Rector and the Director of Music.


The Rev. Bert Baetz, Rector


David Miron, Director of Music


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