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School Board Overview

Mission Statement

The mission of St. Peter's School is to offer families in our community an enriched early childhood learning program with high quality extended day options which are conducted in a Christian environment. St. Peter's School is a ministry of St. Peter's Episcopal Church and is viewed as a means of outreach into the community.

The basic policies of St. Peter's School are determined by the School Board. The Board is comprised of seven (7) members of St. Peter's Parish who have been elected by the Vestry of the Church. The School Director, Rector of the Parish and the Assistant School Director are non-voting members of the Board. Members of the School Board serve staggered, three year terms. The School Board is responsible to the elected Vestry of St. Peter's Church. The School operates as a non-profit organization.

To learn more about the School and its policies, see “Family Handbook”.

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